Connect2First Internet, LLC
Service Agreement
The terms and conditions of this Service Agreement (“Terms of Service” or “Agreement”)
constitute the agreement between Connect2First Internet, LLC (“Connect2First”, “Company”,
“We”, or “Us”) and the User (“you”, “User” or “Customer”) of the Company’s voice
communications services (“Phone Service”), broadband internet access service (“Internet
Service”), and any related products or services (individually and collectively, “Services”). This
Agreement governs both the Services and any equipment or device provided by the Company
(“Device” or “Equipment”), used in conjunction with the Services.
By signing this agreement, you represent that you are of legal age to enter into an agreement
and that you have read and understand fully the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
By using Connect2First’s Services, you signify your agreement to all terms, conditions, and
notices contained or referenced herein, including those published on our website, If you do not agree to the Terms of Service, do not use the services and
immediately terminate your subscription and this Agreement by calling Customer Service at 1-
833-411-2234 and returning all Equipment to Connect2First.
Customer agrees to pay for all Services provided by Connect2First including but not limited to
charges for installation (if applicable), Equipment, Services, and all applicable local, state, or
federal fees, taxes, and surcharges. The monthly charges for each Service or product shall be
the then current monthly charges set by Connect2First, as posted on our website at
* While our fiber optic Phone Service is exempt from many of the taxes and surcharges
you may be used to seeing on a traditional landline phone bill, we are still subject to
state and local sales tax, state gross receipts and excise taxes, Universal Service Fund
contributions and E-911 surcharges. These taxes and fees will each appear separately on
your bill and may vary from time to time based on changes imposed by the
corresponding regulatory agencies.
All Customers will be billed for the upcoming month of Service in advance. Full payment for the
first month will be required within 14 days of the installation date. The billing date will be based
on the date Services started and will continue on the anniversary date each month. If a
Customer chooses to change their billing date, the bill will be prorated to accommodate.
Connect2First will send an itemized invoice each month to the email address that you provide.
Invoices will be generated and sent approximately 14 days before the due date. If either of the
before mentioned dates fall on a weekend or holiday, the applicable date will be the next
business day.
Services are offered either under a one-year contract or a month-to-month basis. The term for a
one-year contract ends the day before the one-year anniversary of the date your Connect2First
Phone service and/or Internet Service was activated, and the term will become monthly
thereafter. The term for Services purchased on a monthly basis ends on the day before the
same date in the following month. Subsequent terms of this Agreement automatically renew
unless you give Connect2First written notice of non-renewal at least 10 days before the end of
the monthly term in which the notice is given.
Customers with a one-year contract are not subject to an installation fee. However, if the
Customer cancels a contract for Phone Service within the first year, there will be a $54.76
Cancellation Fee per month until the term has concluded. If the Customer cancels a contract for
Internet Service within the first year, there will be a $59.99 Cancellation Fee per month until the
term has concluded. If the Customer cancels a contract for Internet and Phone Service within
the first year, there will be a $59.99 Cancellation Fee per month until the term has concluded.
Customers that initiate Service (either Phone or Internet) on a month-to-month basis must pay a
$350.00 installation fee. Customers that initiate Phone Service bundled with Internet Service on
a month-to-month basis are subject to only a single installation fee for the bundled package.
Each residential Internet Service package includes a modem and one Access Point Wireless
Router. If Customer chooses to have more than one router installed, there will be a monthly fee
of $9.99 for each additional router.
You will be charged a $40 fee for upgrading your Internet Service to a different level of speed.
The change in your monthly fee will be adjusted on the next month’s bill following the change
request. If you request to downgrade your Internet Service to a different level of speed, there
will be no changes made until the start of the next billing cycle. Services will not be prorated if
such Services are cancelled before the end of a service period. Your Service will remain active
until the end of the service period.
If you attempt to terminate Service prior to the end of a monthly term, you will be responsible for
the full month’s charges to the end of the then-current term, including, without limitation, any
unbilled charges, all of which will immediately become due and payable. Expiration of the term
or termination of Service will not excuse you from paying all accrued and unpaid charges due
under this Agreement.
For service calls, a $100.00 service fee will only be applied if a technician has determined the
result of the service interruption is due to Customer negligence. Connect2First will not be able to
troubleshoot any modems or routers that are not provided by Connect2First. Additionally, a
$50.00 missed appointment fee will be charged if a technician is scheduled to visit Customer’s
home for a service call, but Customer is not home.
For service cancellation, if Equipment is not returned following a disconnection, an Unreturned
Equipment Fee will be applied to the account. Equipment fees will include $130.00 for the
modem and $100.00 for each router.
Payment for service is due no later than Customer’s billing date of the month. Connect2First’s
preferred payment method is automatic bank transfer or credit card payment. Auto-payment will
be withdrawn on the due date stated on Customer’s bill. Customers will have the option to make
a payment online using their checking account information. If this payment is declined, a
returned check fee of $25.00 will be applied to your next month’s billing statement. When you
subscribe to our Services, you authorize us to collect from your payment method, including, if
applicable, recovery fees and any other outstanding charges. This authorization will remain valid
until 30 calendar days after you terminate our authority to charge your payment method.
You agree to pay all charges due and payable for the Services without counter-claim, set-off or
deduction, other than amounts reasonably disputed. Failure to pay in full may result in
immediate suspension of services, and Connect2First shall have no liability for such suspension
under any circumstances. During the period of suspension, Services will be unavailable until the
account balance is paid in full.
If you reasonably dispute an invoice, you must pay the undisputed amounts and provide written
notice of the disputed amounts. Failure to dispute a charge within a 30-day period shall
constitute an irrevocable waiver of your right to dispute the charge, unless otherwise provided
by law. The parties shall attempt to resolve the dispute in good faith for a period of 30 days from
the notice. If any charges remain in dispute at the end of the 30-day period, you will pay the full
amount due within 10 days, otherwise Connect2First may exercise any available remedies for
If you do not deliver full payment for all billed charges by the due date, Connect2First will
assess a $10.00 late payment fee. If payment is not received within 5 days of the due date, a
temporary non-pay disconnection will be placed on your account. This will disable your Services
until you make a payment to your account. However, the failure of Connect2First to terminate
any Services for non-payment of any charges shall not act as a waiver or estoppel to terminate
Services of such account for non-payment of current or future charges. If full payment is
received before the next billing cycle, Services will be reactivated, and a $20.00 reconnection
fee will be applied to the account.
All prepaid fees and other payments by Subscriber are non-refundable and non-creditable,
except in situations where Customer has made prior arrangement with the Company to
terminate service mid-month and has returned Equipment within the time frame set forth in this
Customer is responsible for all charges attributable to its account with respect to the Services.
You agree to notify Connect2First immediately, in writing or by calling the Connect2First support
line at 1-833-411-2234 if you become aware at any time that Service is being stolen or
fraudulently used. You are responsible for all usage charges attributable to your account, even if
incurred as the result of fraudulent or unauthorized use by third parties, until you report the theft
or fraudulent use of the Service. Connect2First, may, but is not obligated to, detect or report
unauthorized use or fraudulent use of Service. You agree to save, defend, indemnify and hold
Connect2First harmless from all claims, costs, liabilities and damages arising out of such
fraudulent or unauthorized use.
International calling for Phone Service is disabled by default. Customers may request it be
enabled for a given country at any time by contacting Connect2First. All International calls are
billed at their respective international rates, which are updated from time to time. Any and all call
charges are rounded to the nearest whole penny. International calls will be charged at the start
of the next month.
In the event it is necessary to utilize the services of a collection agency or an attorney to recover
payments for services rendered, you will be liable for the reasonable cost of collection including,
but not limited to, attorney fees and court costs. Connect2First reserves the right to refer your
account to a collection agency at any time (no time limits apply).
Connect2First has no liability for service interruption; however, if you lose Services for more
than 24 consecutive hours and the cause of the outage was within our reasonable control,
Connect2First will provide you a credit for that period if you request one. All credit requests must
be made within 30 days of your next bill following the outage or service issue.
Connect2First Phone Service is delivered using Voice-over-Internet Protocol (“VoIP”)
Phone Service include the following features:
Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calling in the contiguous lower 48 U.S. States
Per-minute rates for International Calling
Caller ID (with Name if available)
Call Waiting
3-way Calling
Call Forwarding
Voicemail (with text and/or e-mail notification option)
You must supply certain equipment and facilities, such as a phone handset or equivalent,
installed phone or network cabling and termination outlets, and a powered electrical outlet. You
are responsible for supplying and ensuring that the equipment you supply is compatible with the
Service and meets federal and other applicable standards. You represent that you either own
your equipment or have the right to use that equipment in connection with the Service. The
Company shall have no obligation to provide, maintain, support or service your equipment.
If you subscribe to the Company’s Residential Phone Service, which is defined as Service
intended solely for the subscriber’s residence, or home, and not for commercial purposes
(“Residential Services”), the Service and the Equipment are provided to you solely for such
residential use. You shall not resell or transfer the Service or the Equipment to another party.
We reserve the right to immediately terminate or modify your Service if we determine, in our
sole and absolute discretion, that your use of the Service or the Equipment is, or at any time
was, inconsistent with normal residential usage patterns. In addition, you will be required to pay
the higher rates for Business Service for all periods in which your use of the Service or the
Equipment was inconsistent with normal residential use.
If you subscribe to the Company’s Business Phone Service, which is defined as Service
intended solely for the subscriber’s use to support commercial, for-profit or not-for-profit, non-
residential enterprises (“Business Services”), the Service and Equipment are provided to you as
a small business User. You shall not resell or transfer the Service or the Equipment to another
party. We reserve the right to immediately terminate or modify your Service if we determine, in
our sole and absolute discretion, that you have at any time used the Service or the Equipment in
a way inconsistent with customary activities of a small business User.
All Customers (both Residential and Business) should be read the provided Battery Backup
disclosure. We are not responsible for your electrical power, and you may experience
occasional outages. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you maintain a battery
backup. It is recommended that you provide a forwarding number so that you can receive phone
calls in the event of an outage.
Customers also should read the provided 911 disclaimer document. By acceptance, and use, of
the Connect2First Phone Service you acknowledge and accept any limitations of 9-1-1/E9-1-1
service, and you agree to convey these limitations to all persons who may place calls over the
Phone Service.
You acknowledge that the Company may use call detail, and customer proprietary network
information, for all lawful purposes, including but not limited to actions related to the initiation,
rendering, billing and collection of the Service. Further, such actions also include the use of
such information for the purposes of testing, verifying, and otherwise assuring that the Service is
delivered to you.
If you are transferring your existing phone number from another service provider for use with the
Service, the following terms and conditions also shall apply:
A) You will cooperate fully with the Company and provide promptly all information, including a
letter of authorization or other documentation, as requested by the Company in connection with
the processing of your order for Service;
B) You authorize the Company to notify your current telephone service provider of your decision
to switch your local, local toll, toll free and long distance services to the Service, and you
represent you are authorized to take such actions;
C) You acknowledge that if you set up the Service prior to the date that the number switch
becomes effective (the “Port Effective Date”), you may be able to place outgoing calls but not
receive incoming calls over the Service, and may not be able to make 9-1-1 or other emergency
calls over the Service, until the Port Effective Date (in such a case, you should keep another
phone connected to an existing phone extension at your service location to receive incoming
calls until the Port Effective Date); and
D) You acknowledge that if the Service is not yet activated as of the Port Effective Date, your
existing phone service for the number you are transferring will be disconnected, and you will
have no service for that line. To help avoid an interruption in your Phone Service, you should
install the Service prior to, or on, the Port Effective Date. An estimate of the Port Effective Date
may be sent to you by the Company following your completion of the ordering process, but this
is only an estimate and not a guarantee of the Port Effective Date.
If you chose to terminate Phone Service and switch to another voice provider, any telephone
number may be allowed to port out if, at the time of our receipt of the port-out request:
A) The number(s) being ported out have been active in the current subscribers account for at
least 90 days,
B) All previous invoices have been paid and there is no outstanding balance on the account.
If you DO NOT notify Us that you are porting (moving) your phone number to a new phone
company, Connect2First will turn off your Phone Service and terminate billing at the end of the
current billing term. If you DO notify Us that you are porting (moving) your phone number to a
new phone company, Connect2First must leave your Phone Service active until you or your new
phone company notify Us that the port-away has completed. The Phone Service must remain
active until the port-away has occurred, or your phone number may be lost. Once we’re notified
that the port-away has completed, Connect2First will turn off your Phone Service and terminate
billing at the end of the then-current billing term.
The Customer acknowledges and accepts that it does not own or have any property rights in or
any other rights to any telephone numbers assigned to them, whether or not the telephone
numbers are published in any directory. Connect2First may change a telephone number
designated for the Customer if Connect2First has (a) reasonable grounds for changing it and
gives the Customer reasonable advance notice stating the reason for and the anticipated date
of the change, or (b) in cases of emergency, given the Customer verbal notice, followed by a
written explanation as soon as is reasonably possible. Connect2First is not liable for any costs,
damages or other amounts resulting from changes to telephone numbers.
Customer acknowledges, and agrees, to the following limitations of service:
A) Phone numbers. The phone numbers you obtain from Us for Residential Service will not be
listed in any telephone directories. Phone numbers transferred from your local phone company
may, however, be listed. As a result, someone with your phone number may not be able to
utilize a reverse directory to lookup your address.
B) Compatibility with other devices and systems. The Service may not be compatible with non-
voice devices. All non-voice communications equipment, including but not limited to, home
security systems or alarm systems that are set up to make automatic phone calls, modems,
data modems, any device that relies upon a modem, or other hearing-impaired devices, and
medical monitoring devices (“Non-Voice Systems”), are not considered compatible with the
Service and may be interrupted or permanently disabled by installation or operation of the
Service. You should maintain a traditional analog telephone connection in order to use any
alarm monitoring functions for any security system installed in your home or business that relies
on a traditional circuit switched analog phone line. You are solely responsible for the operation
and use of such Non-Voice Systems with the Service, including taking any necessary steps, as
permitted under your agreements with the Company, to ensure compatibility between such Non-
Voice Systems and the Service.
The Services shall only be provided to Customer at the address where installation is performed.
Customer may not transfer Customer's rights or obligation to the Services to any successor
tenant or occupant or to any other address without Provider's prior written approval.
If you wish to move, you must contact the Company for information on Service availability at the
new location. Using or moving, or attempting to use or move, the Equipment or Service to a new
location is a violation of this Agreement.
You agree to allow Connect2First and/or our agents to enter the property at which the
Connect2First Service(s) and/or Equipment will be provided to you (the “Premises”), upon your
request, to install, configure, upgrade, maintain, inspect, change, repair and/or remove the
Service and/or Connect2First Equipment. You warrant that you are either the owner of the
Premises or, if you are not the owner of the Premises that you have obtained the consent of the
owner for Connect2First or its agents to access the Premises for the purposes described herein
including, without limitation, consent to attach Connect2First Equipment to the outside of the
You understand and acknowledge that, for Connect2First to provide Service, certain Equipment
may be provided to you at the physical address where the Service will be provided. You
acknowledge that the equipment requirements are subject to change depending upon the
specific installation environment provided by you, and Connect2First makes no representation
or warranty that additional equipment will not be needed.
Equipment is, and shall at all times be, the sole and exclusive property of Connect2First. The
Equipment may only be used in the premises, and you acknowledge that you may not remove,
relocate or reinstall the Equipment at a location other than the Premises.
You agree to inspect the Equipment upon receipt and immediately notify Connect2First of any
damages, malfunction or missing components so that Connect2First can take appropriate
measures. Once the Equipment has been delivered to your location, it is your responsibility to
ensure that the Equipment is not stolen, damaged, or otherwise harmed. The repair of any
damage (other than fair wear and tear) will be your responsibility. If any of the Equipment is lost,
stolen, or damaged during your ownership, Connect2First reserves the right to charge you the
retail price of the lost, stolen or damaged items.
Should the Equipment malfunction for reasons other than misuse or accidental damage,
Connect2First will repair or replace the product at no charge to you. In the case of malfunctions
or damage caused by accident or misuse Equipment repairs will be your responsibility, and
Connect2First reserves the right to recover its cost of repairs through a service charge. If
replacements are needed, Connect2First reserves the right to replace the Equipment with an
equivalent system.
Connect2First is not liable for any damage, injury or loss to any person or property arising from
the possession, operation or use of the Equipment. In any event Connect2First’s liability is
limited, at Connect2First’s choice, to: (a) replacement with the same or equivalent Equipment;
(b) repair of the relevant Equipment.
All of Provider's Customers will receive an optical network terminal (“ONT”) that will physically
connect to the indoor fiber drop at their premise. The type of ONT deployed will vary based
upon commercial or residential purposes. For residential purposes, Provider will offer an ONT
that by default acts as a residential gateway and provides 2.4 and 5.0 Ghz wireless networks,
WiFi network management and connected device management capabilities at no additional
charge. If a residential Customer declines to use this residential gateway configuration, the ONT
can be configured in bridge mode and provide IP connectivity to Customer-provided equipment.
For commercial purposes, an ONT configured in bridged mode will be provided when Customer
can connect their commercial grade Customer Premise Equipment device to the Ethernet ports
on the ONT. Provider WILL NOT configure any Customer-provided equipment. If Customer is
provisioned in bridge mode, Provider will only validate that Service is up and active to the
Customer’s bridged port on the ONT. Provider cannot perform any network management
support on devices behind Customer-provided equipment. Provider's Customers may not
connect their own ONT off the fiber drop inside their premise. Any attempt to do so will result in
a complete loss of service until a Provider-provided ONT is configured, deployed and tested at
the Customer's premises.
The Customer understands and agrees that Connect2First does not guarantee that any
particular amount of bandwidth on the Service will be made available to the Customer or that
any speed or throughput of the Customer’s connection to the Service will be available to the
Customer. Service is subject to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance outages; however,
Connect2First will strive to minimize the impact of scheduled outages.
The Customer understands that the fiber optic service requires electricity at the Customer's
service location and if an electrical service outage occurs, all services delivered over the fiber
which include Internet Service and could also include Phone Service, will not function during the
outage period.
The Company assumes no liability for interruption of Service due to circumstances beyond its
control, including without limitation, acts of God, natural disaster, fire, civil disturbance, strike or
We monitor our network for utilization trends. We receive regular reports showing changes in
network traffic and congestion. Connect2First performs routing monitoring on all network links to
help ensure that traffic saturation does not occur on a regular basis. We do not set usage limits
for our broadband Internet Service. As demand for our Internet Service increases, and as
demand for higher bandwidth applications increases, we will monitor effects on network
performance and plan upgrades as we deem necessary. Should unforeseen developments in
the future make it necessary to implement an active congestion management program, we will
update these disclosures as necessary.
Customer understands that using the Service presents certain security risks that may enable
other internet users to gain access to or use of Customer’s equipment or information. Customer
is solely responsible for taking all appropriate security measures when using the Service, and
agrees that neither Connect2First, nor its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, or agents,
shall for responsible for security or information breaches. Software or applications installed on
Customer-owned equipment, downloaded to your Customer-owned equipment, or available
through the internet may contain viruses or other harmful features. It is your sole responsibility
to take appropriate precautions to protect your Customer-owned equipment. The Company
does not provide or ensure end user security to any Customer-owned device within the
Customer Premise. Antivirus or firewall protection for a Customer-owned personal computer,
laptop or hand-held device is the sole responsibility of the Customer.
The Company does deploy security measures to secure its network hardware in the data center
and the field against unauthorized access. This is accomplished through the use of its network
monitoring software and firewall filtering policies within the edge and core of its network.
You are responsible for protecting the information required to access or make modifications to
your account (for example, passwords, PINs, secret answers to security questions, etc.). If
someone else acquires this information (through no fault of ours), we will assume that you have
authorized that person’s use of the information and access to your account. Please report any
suspected incidents of unauthorized access to your account or unauthorized disclosure of your
account information to Connect2First promptly by calling 1-833-411-2234, visiting a
Connect2First business office, or writing to us at 1000 South J. P. Wright Loop Rd.,
Jacksonville, AR 72078.
We are not responsible for any information provided by you to third parties including credit/debit
card or banking information, and this information is not subject to the privacy provisions of this
Agreement or the privacy notice for the Services. You assume all privacy, security, and other
risks associated with providing any information, including personal information, to third parties
via the Services. For a description of the privacy protections associated with providing
information to third parties, you should refer to the privacy policies, if any, provided by those
third parties.
You agree to not misuse the Services or Equipment provided by Connect2First. Such misuse
includes but is not limited to: (i) violation of any applicable law or regulation (ii) use in a manner
that adversely interferes with Connect2First’s network or reputation; (iii) any unauthorized or
fraudulent use of or access to the Services such as to avoid paying for Services; (iv) use in a
manner that infringes the intellectual property or other rights of any third party including copying,
modifying, reverse engineering, uploading, downloading or reselling any content; (v) sending
content or messages or otherwise engaging in communications that are abusive, obscene,
lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, deceptive, illegal, fraudulent, threatening,
defamatory, libelous, an invasion of privacy, or other similar behavior; (vi) modifying or
tampering with Connect2First Equipment in any manner other than as expressly authorized by
Connect2First; (vii) engaging in telemarketing (including, without limitation, charitable or political
solicitation or polling), auto-dialing, robocalling, fax or voicemail broadcasting, fax or voicemail
blasting, spam, junk or other unsolicited email; (viii) intercepting a third party’s communications
or accessing or attempting to access another party’s account or otherwise circumvent any
security measures; (ix) uploading any virus, worm or malicious code; (x) using automated
connections that allow web broadcasts, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine
connections or peer-to-peer file sharing; (xi) using as a substitute or back-up for private lines, or
full-time or dedicated data connections; (xii) networking hacking and “denial of service” attacks;
(xiii) using unauthorized software or devices to maintain continuous active internet connection
when the connection would otherwise have entered idle mode; or (xiv) engaging in continuous
or extensive call forwarding or long distance Phone Service abuse.
We reserve the right to immediately terminate your Service if, in our sole and absolute
discretion, we determine that you have used the Service or the Equipment in any of the
aforementioned ways. In the event of such termination, you will be responsible for the full
month’s charges to the end of the current term, including, without limitation, unbilled charges,
plus a termination fee, if applicable, all of which will become immediately due and payable upon
termination of your Service.
If we believe that you have used the Service or the Equipment for an unlawful purpose, we may
forward the relevant communication and other information, including your identity, to the
appropriate authorities for investigation and prosecution. You hereby consent to our forwarding
of any such communications and information to these authorities. In addition, Connect2First will
provide information in response to law enforcement requests, subpoenas, court orders, to
protect its rights and property and in the case where failure to disclose the information may lead
to imminent harm to the Customer or others.
The Company has no obligation to monitor the Service or any user’s use thereof or retain the
content of any user session. However, the Company reserves the right at all times to monitor,
review, retain and/or disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any applicable law,
regulation, legal process or governmental request.
You acknowledge that you are accepting this Agreement on behalf of all persons who use the
Service(s) and Connect2First Equipment at the Premises, and that you shall have the
responsibility for ensuring that all other users understand and comply with the terms and
conditions of this Agreement and any applicable policies. You will take reasonable precautions
to prevent others from gaining unauthorized access to the Services. Except as otherwise
specified in this Agreement, you are responsible for any unauthorized use and for controlling
access to the Services and Connect2First Equipment including payment of any charges
incurred as a result of any such unauthorized use.
This Agreement will remain in effect from Service activation until this Agreement is terminated
(by Us or by you). To cancel or terminate any Service, you must contact our offices at 1-833-
411-2234 during normal business hours at least 10 days before the end of the monthly term in
which the notice is given. Applicable fees and charges for the Services may accrue until the
Services have been disconnected, all Connect2First Equipment has been returned, and this
Agreement has been terminated, subject to applicable law or the terms of any agreements we
have with governmental authorities.
We may refund all prepaid monthly service fees charged for the Services after the effective date
of termination, and we reserve the right to subtract from your refund any outstanding amounts
due to Us for the Services, for any affiliate or third-party services, or for other applicable fees
and charges. Certain fees and charges are non-refundable and are also excluded.
Customer must cease all use of the Services as of the effective date of termination. You must
pay in full for your use of the Services up to the date that this Agreement is terminated and the
Services are disconnected (subject to applicable law).
We reserve the right to suspend or discontinue Services generally, or to terminate your
Services, at any time in Our sole and absolute discretion, consistent with all applicable notice
provisions and other regulatory requirements. If we discontinue the Services generally, or
terminate your Services without a stated reason, you will only be responsible for charges
accrued through the date of termination, including a pro-rated portion of the final month’s
charges. If any Services is terminated on account of your breach of any provision of this
Agreement, you will be responsible for the full month’s charges to the end of the current term,
including, without limitation, unbilled charges, plus the termination fee, if applicable, all of which
will immediately become due and payable.
Service may be suspended by the Company without prior notice if necessary, to comply with
applicable laws or to preserve the integrity of service to other Customers. If Business Service is
suspended without prior notice, the Company will use reasonable efforts to notify Customer of
the suspension and the reason for suspension within one (1) business hour of suspension.
Customer must return all Connect2First Equipment to Us at 1000 South J. P. Wright Loop Rd.,
Jacksonville, AR 72078 within 30 days of the date on which the Services are disconnected. You
must return the Equipment in working order, with the exception of normal wear and tear. If you
fail to return the Equipment, we will charge you an Unreturned Equipment Fee. As the owner of
the Connect2First Equipment, we have the right to retrieve any Equipment you fail to return. We
(or our agents) may request access to your Premises to remove all Connect2First Equipment
and other material provided by us during regular business hours at a mutually agreed upon
All Services and Equipment provided by Connect2First are provided “as is” and “as available”
for your use and without warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to,
implied warranties of mechantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or noninfringement.
Connect2First does not warrant that our Services will be available at any particular time or
location; that any defects or errors will be corrected; or that the Service will be free of any
viruses or other harmful components. Your use of our Services is solely at your own risk.
Customer agrees that in the event of loss of Service, Customer’s sole remedy shall be a credit
for Service charges for the affected time period.
This section “Limitation of Liability” will survive termination or expiration of this Agreement,
whether terminated by you or the Company, for any reason.
No contract or agreement with Connect2First shall create legal rights or benefits in third parties.
Upon a request by Connect2First, you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless
Connect2First and any affiliated companies, and their employees, contractors, agents, officers,
and directors from all liabilities, claims, and expenses, including attorney’s fees, that arise from
your use or misuse of Connect2First products or Services provided to your network.
Connect2First reserves the right, at its own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and
control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you, in which event you will
cooperate with Connect2First in asserting any available defenses.
Unless otherwise specified herein, this agreement constitutes the entire agreement between
you and Connect2First with respect to our Services and supersedes all prior or
contemporaneous communication and proposals (whether oral, written, or electronic) between
you and Connect2First with respect to our Services. If any part of these Terms of Service is held
invalid or unenforceable, that portion shall be construed in a manner consistent with applicable
law to reflect, as nearly as possible, the original intentions of the parties, and the remaining
portions shall remain in full force and effect.
Complaints and questions regarding this Agreement, billing, your Services, technical support or
other matters should be first directed to our Customer Service support team at or by calling 1-833-411-2234. If not resolved or addressed within 30
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